Consultation services can be adapted to the individual’s or organization’s specific needs. Areas of consultation include:

For Clinicians

  • Understanding first responder culture (e.g., police, fire, paramedics, 911 call takers, correctional officers) and
  • Working with cumulative exposure to trauma and Operational Stress Injuries
  • Incorporating prolonged exposure in preparation for, and during the Return-to-Work process for first responders and other individuals returning to the work environment in which their trauma occurred.

For Peer Support Teams

  • Best practices in setting up a peer support team (e.g., peer nomination, screening)
  • Mental health “check-ups” to maintain peer support members’ health
  • Clinical oversight, “debriefing”, and consultation for peer support members
  • Ongoing training and education

For Organizations

  • Planning and operating an Organizational Wellness Unit
  • How to foster a more supportive and resilient workplace culture
  • Improving communication – helping members and supervisors to support their members
  • Optimizing success using evidence-based principles in the Return-to-Work process


  • Dr. Lee has helped numerous individuals return to, and more importantly, successfully maintain return to work.
  • Key to a successful RTW process in incorporating prolonged exposure principles prior to and during a graduated return to the workplace.
  • Dr. Lee has presented on successful RTW at:
    • Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) convention, June 2019
    • Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health (CIMVHR) forum, October 2018


We’re Here For You.

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